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Advanced Intelligent Vehicle and Wheelchair Systems and Its Applications to Vulnerable Individuals Protection and Care/Prof. Bing-Fei Wu

 The research team focuses on the advanced power management module in system-on-chip (SoC) integration. The SoC embedded power management module aims to generate a stable power source for guaranteeing the correct function of the sub-circuits. In addition, the quality of the output power and power conversion efficiency are also the important design issues in the embedded power management IC design. The main power management modules contain the linear regulator (LDO), switching DC-DC converter, and the single-inductor dual-output (SIDO) DC-DC converter. Moreover, the 3D integration of the off-chip inductor and power management IC realizes the advanced power management module, which can reduce the area of print-circuit-board to minimize the cost, so as to enhance the competitiveness for the nowadays portable electronic devices.