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Nano Facility Center

The Largest Scale Nano Research Base Among the Universities

Brilliant History

In 1964, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) established the first Semiconductor Laboratory in Taiwan, Republic of China. It is the beginning of the semiconductor evolution in the country. In 1965, the laboratory was expanded to the Semiconductor Research Center (SRC) and the first planar bipolar transistor in R.O.C. was fabricated at the same year. Just one year later, in 1966, the SRC announced the first integrated circuit in the country. Since then, the SRC lead the research and development of the solid-state electronics and consequently incubated most of the leaders and backbones for the integrated circuit and flat-panel display industries. The SRC was renamed as Nano Facility Center (NFC) in 2003.

NFC Status

The NFC manages the cleanroom environment at NCTU. The total cleanroom area, including class 10, class 1000,and class 10,000 cleanrooms, is 4000 m2. This is the largest scale and the most complete research environment for nano- materials, technologies, and devices among the universities. The NFC is managed by the director and vice director, and there is an Equipment Experts Committee composed of 10 senior professors for technology consulting. The NFC is 24 hours operated by 4 administrative staffs and 16 technicians. We not only provide the first-class facility to the students and professors at NCTU and also support the other academic organizations and domestic industries. More than 500 graduate students carry out their research works at the NFC every year.

Research Activities

Lots of research activities are conducted at the NFC including nano-scale IC process technologies, novel nano devices, advanced nano materials, next generation display technologies, Micron/Nano electrical-mechanical systems, bio-electronics, gene chips, nano photonics, and green energy technologies. The NFC is neighboring to the National Nano Devices Labs. and both organizations have closely cooperation relationship. The National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, the National Chip Implementation Center, the National Center for High-Performance Computing, the National Space Organization, and the Instrument Research Center can be arrived at in 10 min by walk. All of these research organizations convolute to an intimate research network. Only the NCTU’s student can enjoy such an admirable circumstance.