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The College of Electrical and Computer Engineering of NCTU (NYCU since February, 2021), established in 1994, was the first college in Taiwan focusing on the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. Currently, the college has three departments and totals more than 150 full-time academic staff. The main research directions of the college are highlighted by the 14 major research groups in different fields. Founded by the 50-Billion/5-Year program, the college has established three main research centers concentrating on Nanoelectronics and Infotronic Systems, Information and Communications Technology, and Photonic and Optoelectronic Technology. Its stellar faculty includes two Fellows of Academia Sinica, numerous IEEE fellows, and distinguished engineering professors. It is ranked as the top among all the engineering colleges in Taiwan. The college also collaborates closely with the industry and initiates numerous joint research projects.

Our alumni from the College of ECE have played a significant role within the global industries of information, integrated circuits, networks, and communications, from the Science Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan to Silicon Valley in California, USA. The chairmen of high-tech companies such as Trident Microsystem, Ven Global, Transmedia, and Clarent are all graduates from our school. Their qualities of leadership, vision and creativity are guiding our new generations in continuing their legacy as leaders in a competitive field. This in turn fuels our ultimate goal of providing the best program to our students.