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1896 Nanyang College, Predecessor of NCTU founded in Shanghai.
1921 Branches around the country integrated into one using the name "Chiao-Tung University"
1937 Administration transferred to Ministry of Education
1958 Institute of Electronics Engineering Established in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
1964 Department of Electronics Engineering and Semiconductor Center Established.
1965 Department of Control Engineering Established.
1966 Department of Communication Engineering Established.
1972 Department of Computer Engineering Established.
1974 Institute of Computer Engineering Established.
1979 Instituted of Communication Engineering Established.
1980 Department of Computer Science and Institute of Electro-optical Engineering Established.
1981 Institute of Control Engineering Established.
1983 Center for Microelectronics and Information Systems Research Established.
1986 Institute of Computer science Established.
1989 Center for Telecommunication Research and NDL Established.
1994 College of Electrical and Computer Engineering Established.
1997 Department of Control Engineering Renamed as Department of Electrical and Control Engineering.
2000 Lee and MTI Center for Networking Research Established.
2003 Semiconductor Center Renamed as Nano Facility Center/ EECS Honors Program Established.
2004 Department of Photonics and Display Institute Established.
2005 EECS College Renamed as Electrical and Computer Engineering College (ECE College.)
2008 Tin Ka Ping Photonics Center Established
EECS International Institute Established
2009 Dept. of Electrical Engineering Established
2014 Institute of Biomedical Engineering is transferred to ECE College
2017 ECE College Doctoral Program Established
2019 The Graduate Degree Program of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Established