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Center for Integrated Electronics-Optics Technologies and Systems

In view of the advent of AI Internet of Things (AIoT), self-driving cars/advanced driving assistance systems, smart transportation, smart medical care, next-generation communication systems and smart display, various designs and components manufacturing are developing for small volume, high frequency switching, high power density, and low energy consumption applications. To achieve these goals, in addition to more professional design and manufacturing, these application modules must be highly integrated. The “Center for Integrated Electronics-Optics Technologies and Systems” is set up by this purpose.

Yang Ming Chiao Tong University's long-term research and development achievements in optoelectronics have always been recognized by all academics and the industry. The establishment of this center in addition to using its own professional R&D and integrating various surrounding research institutions, such as the TSRI, TIRI, etc.

By the application of industry, we will focus on the fields as high-efficiency power products, smart cities, electric vehicles and unmanned vehicles industry, green energy industry to develop. The corresponding integration of physical application areas is: smart grid, energy-saving green buildings, high-efficiency solar charging stations, smart sensors, smart display etc.

The first director of the center will be Professor Ray Hua Horng of the Institute of Electronics. Director Hong's long-term outstanding achievements in the field of optoelectronics is more suitable for this key role. The member consists of the professors from the department of electrical engineering, Institute of electronics, department of photonics and department of electrophsics. In addition to the establishment of the center, the research and development of the smart electronics-optics technologies and systems will also conduct in-depth cooperation with international research institutions and international industrial companies. Furthermore, jointly cultivating high-level talents in the field of system is the other important purpose for the global intelligent industry competition.