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Associate Dean

  • Job title:Associate Dean
    Name:Professor Hung-Ming Chen
    Research expertise:
    Electronic Design Automation (VLSI and Biochips), Machine Learning based Methodologies (Research Excerpts in partial Chinese)
    VLSI Design Automation Research Lab (lab_intro_vda)
    Curriculum Vitae
    Link:Professor Hung-Ming Chen Profile
  • Job title:Associate Dean
    Name:Professor Jye-Hong Chen
    Research expertise:
    1.optical communication system and devices
    2.60 GHz optical microwave signal generation and its applications on HDTV services
    3.High data rate (>10 Gb/s) OFDM radio over fiber system
    4.Generation of optical millimeter wav
    Link:Professor Jye-Hong Chen Profile
  • Job title:Associate Dean
    Name:Professor Ke-Hong Chen
    Research expertise:
    VLSI, Low Power Circuit Design, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Power Management IC Design
    Link:Professor Ke-Hong Chen Profile
  • Job title:Associate Dean
    Name:Professor Ming-Dou Ker
    Research expertise:Integrated Circuits Design
    Reliability Design of Integrated Circuits
    ESD Protection Design for Microelectronics Systems
    Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Applications
    Neuromodulation SoC for implantable Medical Applications
    Link:Professor Ming-Dou Ker Profile