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The Graduate Degree Program of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) is a thematic graduate program to cultivate industry-needed AI talents with strong innovation capability, problem-solving skills, and an international vision. This graduate program integrates the rich teaching resources and facilities jointly from the College of Electrical Engineering and the College of Computer Science, with a goal to promote the cooperation between academia and industry, leading Taiwan’s technological development.
This graduate program will provide students with a strong foundation in the basic principles and techniques of AI. Also, students are expected to learn extensively the best practices of implementing AI algorithms, systems, and applications. Accordingly, the curriculum covers diverse areas in the AI fields including four main course groups: (i) Fundamental AI theory, (ii) AI chips and components, (iii) AI applications and optimization, and (iv) AI signals and systems.
A key characteristic of this graduate program is that students are able to understand how AI is applied to the real world via hands-on experiences on developing AI applications, such as AI-powered drones, self-driving vehicles, intelligent vision systems, AI optimization design, AI chips, AI factory and manufacturing, medical big data analysis, AI Robots, and so forth.