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Optical Communication Technology/Prof. Jyehong Chen, Prof. Yinchieh Lai, Prof. Prof. Chi Wai Chow

 The Optical communication group at NCTU has three faculty members: Prof. Lai (fiber laser), Prof. Chen (ROF and LR-PON), and Prof. Chow (LR-PON). By utilizing optical frequency quadrupling, Prof. Chen's team successfully demonstrated 28 Gb/s RoF at 60 GHz. Prof. Chow team developed a 4 Gbps OFDM for LR-PON system. Prof. Chen's group demonstrated A 100 km 40 Gbps LR-PON System using 10 GHz components was demonstrated. Prof. Lai’s group developed a novel mode-lock fiber laser system which has various important applications such as communication, medical imaging and industrial cutting.