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Three-dimensional vertically-stacked flexible resistive-switching memory/Prof. Tuo-Hung Hou

Wireless Body Area Network (Prof. Chen-Yi Lee)

 Wireless body area network (WBAN) is an emerging technology designed for bio signal collection and monitoring. From overall system power analysis, the power dominant of the proposed WBAN solution is the active power of the wireless transmission link, especially the power amplifier (PA). Accordingly, linear amplification by nonlinear components (LINC) is introduced to improve the amplifier efficiency. And all-digital phase-modulated signal component separator (SCS) control phases shifter (DCPS), is proposed to avoid the usage of DACs and quadrature modulators. Moreover, crystal-less communications using on-chip silicon oscillator and low-voltage baseband transceiver with dynamic sampling, have been developed to further reduce power dissipation. Experimental result show that > 80% power consumption can be saved.