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The Official Opening Ceremony for ZyXEL Lecture Hall
The official opening ceremony for ZyXEL Lecture Hall
The official opening ceremony for ZyXEL Lecture Hall
ZyXEL Lecture Hall
ZyXEL Lecture Hall

On June 6, 2014, the NCTU senior vice president, Dr. Chihpin Huang, hosted the awarding ceremony for NCTU’s “Chu Shun-I ZyXEL Scholarship” which has over 16 years of history and was set up by the chairman of ZyXEL company, Dr. Shun-I Chu. The ceremony was grandly held in the Engineering Building 4’s ZyXEL Lecture Hall of College of Electrical and Computer Engineering. And the chairman, Dr. Shun-I Chu, then hosted for “ZyXEL Lecture Hall Opening Ceremony” and also again donated $15 million TWD at the present time. He hopes that this amount of money can be used for adding more facilities for ZyXEL Lecture Hall to give these large numbers of students a better academic environment.
      The NCTU senior vice president, Dr. Chihpin Huang, indicates that “Chu Shun-I ZyXEL Scholarship” has worked as its 16th year by now and amounts to 342 students have been benefited. And this year, as 29 students were rewarded in total, there were 17 students received Distinguished Academic Record Award and 12 students received Outstanding Athletic Record Award. “Chu Shun-I ZyXEL Scholarship” does not only help hard-working students that with special financial difficulties but also urges many other students to get ahead with their study and take these students as patterns, and this is to be a great influence to enhance the positive ethos in our society. In addition to this, we also appreciate that our alumnus, Dr. Shun-I Chu, donated 15 million TWD extra to be for ZyXEL Lecture Hall today. After the official opening of ZyXEL Lecture Hall in the future, we will add Student Use of Public Space areas in to provide students with a better academic environment. We hope that the students will make good use of the public space and agitate more innovative thinking and research achievements.
      The design of the surrounding public space of ZyXEL Lecture Hall is to refer to the standard of foreign advanced universities’ public meeting room. Every indoor seat has installed a LCD screen which offers a variety of input terminals at the desk so that the teachers and students can study and discuss the academic knowledge together. We hope that this public space can remedy the insufficiency of other departments’ meeting rooms and the teachers and students of College of Electrical and Computer Engineering are welcomed to make the best of this spacious and comfortable space.

Further Explanation:
      In 1998, Doctor. Shun-I Chu donated $10 million TWD to establish National Chiao Tung University “Network Communication Technology Development Fund” as a basis for the development of Teaching Research Network Communication. Since Network Communication Technology requires highly interdisciplinary integration and the development of crucial technologies, National Chiao Tung University is excellent and has prospection in doing the research of Network Communication Technology and at the same time also works closely with the industry. We hope that besides the innovation of research and development and the cultivation of talents, National Chiao Tung University is also able to help the industry to grow prosperously, and this development fund will be executed on behalf of College of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
In order to allow the fund has sufficient resources to work effectively, Chairman Shun-Yi Chu again donated $5 million share of stocks on his own that ZyXEL company invests in Unizyx Holding Corporation as “Network Communication Technology Development Fund” for his alma mater, and the market capitalization was about $150 million TWD at the time it was donated. He hopes that the fund can enhance the teaching research class of network communication and strengthen the connection between the academia and industry. To show the appreciation for the contribution of our alumnus, Dr. Shun-I Chu, the Engineering Building 4 International Convention Hall is named “ZyXEL Lecture Hall” by Dr. Shun-I Chu.
      In addition to donating the share of stocks and scholarship to contribute to his alma mater, Dr. Shun-I Chu even also again donated $15 million TWD for the interior renovation of ZyXEL Lecture Hall and the intension and extension of the overall plan construction of the basement of Engineering Building 4 and the outdoor space.

  • ZyXEL Lecture Hall Interior space
    ZyXEL Lecture Hall Interior space
    ZyXEL Lecture Hall Interior
    ZyXEL Lecture Hall Interior